Color Can Be Tricky


why do Colors matter?

Color is the foundation to every great design plan.  Color is emotional, and sets the tone and mood of a room. Color can effect a person's emotions, energy level, and sense of order/disorder in a space.  Color sets the tone in interiors, and can make a room feel formal or informal, masculine or feminine, coolly aloof or warm and welcoming.

Planning color choices saves time and money

Who hasn't made a bad choice on a paint color, and once it was on the wall, you say "yuck", I can't live with that", and you have to start all over with the painter and a new paint color?  Sadly, that's most of us, including me, in the past.

Color consultant versus designer

Color Consultants Focus on Color, while understanding the design components involved in color choices.  Color is our expertise.  

Designers focus on all the components of a room, with color being a small portion of their design expertise. Designers are busy and more expensive.

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How do you visualize your space?  What kind of mood and emotion do you want to evoke in the room?   What colors do you gravitate to, and which do you have a strong aversion to?

Listen to Home

What color choices will be harmonious with the architectural style of the home?  What interior style do you wish to convey? What is your sun and light exposure.  Even your demographics have an impact.

what are the Dictators?

Dictators are statement finishes that stand out and must be worked around because they are unchanging and unpaintable.  They must be starting inspiration points for neutral and color/design choices.

Color Rules

Follow the rules for whites, neutrals and colors. Consider the undertones for neutrals.  Do you want vibrant or muted colors?  What are the proper proportions between these elements?

What are the Showstoppers?

Showstoppers are dictators that should NOT be used as inspiration points.  This is where we don't want to "chase good money after bad".

see your vision

Prioritize which colors will give you the most "bang for the buck".  After an in-home consultation, your color consultant (me) can build out a color scheme based on your preferences and the components of the home you choose to emphasize.

Color choices for Your Perfect Space Does Not Have to Be Hard