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our mission

Our mission at Eyecatcher Interiors is to have clients that love us, love our designs and come back for more.  We are focused on what our clients like and want, not cookie cutter solutions.  Our passion at Eyecatcher Interiors is to take your vision from ideas to reality.  Inspired spaces to enhance your life with e-design (virtual interior design) to ensure complementary home furnishing selections, space planning and reduce purchase costs and provide time savings.  Color consults ensure cohesiveness in colors throughout a space, considering values and hues.  Home Staging, with real estate experience, ensure your home will be in the best possible light to attract a variety of home buyers.

Design Services

Studies show that people live better and happier lives when they are surrounded with beauty, harmony and functional spaces. Let me help you source and design your perfect space.

Color Services

Not all colors get along, so it's critical that you have the right undertones in a space for the most ideal look. Helping you choose the ideal color scheme in your fixtures and finishes is what we do.

Staging Services

As an experienced realtor as well, I can help you determine the best staging activities that will give you the most return on investment, and show your home in the best possible light to attract the most interested buyers.

What I do... and how I do it


Book a Discovery Call to determine which service is just right for you...


Answer a Quick Questionnaire, and provide inspiration photos about how YOU visualize the perfect space...


Based on the service selected, vision boards are created to make your space refreshed, redesigned, updated, and happier.

Download Your Guide to Successful Design 

Client Raves

Diane always made time for me during my new home design.

Whether it was a text, call or a meeting in person, she gave me the confidence to make good decisions with her knowledge and her guidance.


Anna Olson - Real Estate Agent

From the first moment, I felt I met a wonderful lady who understood my plans for the house. She asked a lot questions on what I was looking for, so I could make a good selection.


She is a go-getter and won't let you down


Diane has been a jewel! She’s very easy to work with, friendly, supportive, yet honest. She was always prompt to get back with me, and her advice was always very professional.


Maria Ferguson - Design Client

why Me?

Diane is an Expert E-Designer, and utilizes the best technology on the market for her clients, comprising a thorough questionnaire and beautiful design boards offering "to the trade" pricing, as well as ability for her clients to order directly via shopping links. Diane has completed the HSR Certification program which is the only Accredited Staging Training by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) who is the governing body for the home staging industry.  She is a member of the Real Estate Staging Association. She is also a Certified Color Expert, offering Color Consultations to create perfect color harmony in the home.  

Designing Your Perfect Space Does Not Have to Be Hard

About Me.

There was a little girl name Diane, who loved playing with her dollhouse.  She grew up, and continued designing and redesigning her own home, creating her own artwork along the way.  She decided to spread her love of the “art of the home”, and opened an artisan gallery.  Her passion was representing other artists who didn’t have another venue to share their art.  As the years passed she became a Realtor, and helped her clients style their homes to get the most potential buyers.  

Then her path took a turn, and she created her own mobile dollhouse in a Airstream Bambi 16, and began traveling the countryside. This mobile lifestyle, and her propensity to want to visit her daughter in India, and her grand baby in Fort Worth, sent her in search of a new creative focus, which was more fitting for this new lifestyle.

So she followed her dream of doing virtual home design or e-design.  It seemed a simple process for her clients to find an inspiration room, email their desires to her, and she was off, creating a design board, or mood board, just for them.  Her clients were happy to find great deals on a multitude of products, the ease of ordering themselves (or letting her do the ordering, and shipping), while they were comfy at home.  Her clients were relieved to not experience FOMO, “Fear of Missing Out”, as Diane provided a plethora of shopping options for them, without having to drive and spend hours looking through store after store.

In the end, they all lived happily every after… Diane, the designer, and her clients in their refreshed, re-designed, updated, and happier home.